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Litestep. On W7.
« on: March 14, 2010, 08:55:44 pm »
So I saw some stuff on the litestep blog thing talking about W7 compatibility, so I made a restore point on my comp and installed LOSI... Lo and behold, I have my fave Windows shell replacement program again! I'm happy as hell!

For those of you who are LOSI unknowledgable, Litestep is a windows shell replacement that (In all my cases) runs faster and uses less RAM, while looking 10x more amazing even without Windowblinds. Of course, you gotta find themes, but it's worth it. The themes are widespread and dynamic, usually having changable colors and settings as well as a nice right-click menu where you can access your documents, C drive, and even your control panel from one menu without having to open five different Window Explorer tabs.

Posted about this on the skype chat, so yeah :3

Recent desktops using themes from it: (Extremely minimalistic, one I'm using currently) (Can be used to open adobe products, hence the bottom bar's black tier out. Can be minimized down. ) (Sorta big, didn't like how big it was D: )