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Meadow Whisper (Natasha):
Hi everyone!  My old intro post was, well, old, so I figured I'd start fresh :-)

I'm Natasha Softpaw, and I've been involved with this community for almost as long as it's existed.  I'm 26 years old, a professional web designer/programmer, originally from the middle of nowhere in the mountains of Virginia (US), currently living in the Washington, DC metro area.  In addition to being a highly active admin of this site, I'm also the primary administrator for Lupinia, the provider that hosts Furry Teens.

In the fandom, I'm what you might call an "experienced" fur.  I've been an avid participant in the community since late 2003, I've been to over 13 major conventions, dozens of smaller meets, and most of my friends are furs.  I'm not a fursuiter or anything, just a fan, though I'm currently working on a mini-novel with furry characters.  I love getting art of my characters, and I have quite a collection :-).  A description/reference page for my fursona is available here.

I'm also a babyfur, though it's not a side of my personality that gets much exposure.  If you're not sure what a babyfur is, Wikifur can explain it better than I can.  The short version is that I have an alternate fursona that's a young child, who represents a strong aspect of my personality.  A description/reference page for this version of my fursona is available here.

In my "normal" life, aside from my work, I'm an avid hiker, and a pretty decent photographer (at least, I like to think so) specializing in nature/landscapes and special-effects lighting.  I love travelling by car (not so much a fan of flying), and I try to take one trip a month to visit friends.  And, I still collect/play with Legos :-P

So, that's about all I have to say about myself.  I love the furry fandom very much, and I like to see newcomers feel welcome, so if there are any questions I can answer about the fandom, I'd be happy to try.

And now, a few relevant links:

My website, Lupinia Studios
My gallery of furry art
My Wikifur page
My DeviantArt account, "lupiniastudios"
My Fur Affinity account, "softpaw"
My Twitter account, "lupinia"
My LiveJournal


Hello everyone!

My name is Lance, and I figured I’d finally update this thing.

I am a 25 year old Audio Producer hailing from Missouri, I’m both college educated and self-taught in my craft and am the head producer for the largest and longest running League of Legends podcast on the market.

I’ve been a furry as long as I’ve been a part of this site, so 8 years at this point, and have known so many people through their tenures here that I’ve lost track of some I’m sure. I’ve also been a staff member since May of 2010, so I’ve also gotten to know a good amount of staff both current and past. But this site continues to be one of my favorite places in the fandom, as it helped me with a handful of things as I got through my last few teen years and transitioned into the old man I am today. I’m decently versed on a variety of topics and continue to try and educate myself on new ones as they arise, from music, arts, and other media, to life, drugs, and growing up. I don’t consider myself an expert on anything, just another idiot trying to help other people through life.

I really love this site and would love to meet the new folks coming around these parts, so feel free to ping me at any of my contact points!

The Woolly One:
Hello everyone! My name in this fandom Gage, although I also sometimes go by others pseudonyms such as Phenotype94 and Neotony. I happen to reside in Kingston upon Hull, England. I'm also currently eighteen years old, and I'm attending college at this point in time. The course I'm undergoing deals with Applied Science and Forensics; it's all very interesting to me. I absolutely love things relating to science and nature. I believe the natural world is something of unparalleled beauty, and that the scientific method is truly the best way one can understand it. Some of my other interests include video games, staying fit, and reading classic literature.

Regarding my history, tidbits and my role within the fandom. I've been in the fandom for nearly three years now; I actually joined through FT back in 2010. As for my fursona, he is a Fallow Deer (I really love ungulates like deer). I'll admit that my participation within the fandom is rather minimal compared to others. I don't really produce anything especially creative like artwork, photography, websites, written stories or music for the fandom. I've also yet to attend a furry convention or fur-meet. But I still try to help in my own way by aiming to be a polite, helpful and supportive voice in the furry community.

One of the ways I try to accomplish this is by serving as a member of FT's staff. My position on the FT staff is that of Sitewide Moderator, meaning that I help oversee, manage and moderate most of the available boards on the forum. I try to maintain a (mostly) mature, professional, friendly and empathetic demeanor. So please don't be afraid to contact me if you have any problems! I'd be willing to help you with anything from answering questions about the site and its rules, explanations for moderation decisions made by our staff members, and even start a personal conversation. All of my contact details are provided within my profile's information, so feel free to hit me up at any time.

Goat angst:
Well hey there! I'm Crazywolf, but some people just call me Crazy. I currently live in a small city in California. I'm currently attending high school. In time I plan I go to college at WVU to study what ever interest me. I love reading a good book I pass the time and in time I want to improve the amount of books that I currently have.

I've been in the fandom for around three years now. I've only been here two or so years which I don't think is a long time. For my fursona I chose a wolf even though half of the fandom had it. The time I've been here I've accumulated a high post count here. I haven't been to able to go to a con yet, but in the future I will try to attend one.

You can find me anytime of the day on the forum, so don't hesitate to talk to me. Also I'm very easy going, so like I said come and talk to me if you need something. If you want to contact me in anyway just message me or use any of the websites listed on my profile page.

Hey everyone! I'm MysticSolstice but most people on the forum just call me Mystic. I'm 19 and live in Ontario Canada. I'm currently going to university in Toronto and getting my degree in photography.

I've been a furry for a little over three years but have had an interest in animals ever since I was little. I joined the forum in July of 2014, and it's been my favourite website since c: My main fursona is Mystic, she's a cow! I also have an alt sona; Amelia the kangaroo who'll you see frequently. I have a tiny army of characters that may pop up from time to time as well, some frequent ones include Faye the Dutch Angel Dragon and Tamara the lioness.

I have a bunch of interests and hobbies. I'm a huge Disney nerd and a big fan of movies and tv. Greys Anatomy, Orange is the New Black, Outlander, and Lost Girl are some of my favourite shows. Frozen, Tangled, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Monsters Inc and Maleficent are some of my favourite movies. I also love horseback riding and anything to do with horses.

I also have a pet Meyer parrot named Pidge who you'll hear me talk about waaaay to much (as well as my sister's pineapple conure Kiwi)

I hope you all enjoy the forum and if you ever have and questions or concerns I'm always here to help c:


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