Author Topic: How to train your dragon. (Game)  (Read 413 times)

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How to train your dragon. (Game)
« on: May 21, 2010, 09:42:06 pm »
Well let me start this review by saying that the game was not worth the 50$ It costs. its bad. Ok so the game starts of in a  Small Unrecognizable version of Berk. The game takes place after the movie so Hiccups Dad tells you its Thor's day Thursday, and that a Dragon battle tournament is later that day. You have a  choice to play as Hiccup, or Asstrid. Later you have to run around collecting pointless items. One thing I don't get is that Hiccup cant kill a dragon, But he can kill  Chickens, Sheep and wild pigs WITH HIS HANDS! He jumps on to the poor things and rips of their legs. Go look it up. Anyways we find out that the Night furry you have isn't Toothless but some other dragon, This made me vary mad. If I buy a game about a movie and I find out that one of the most favorite characters isn't even in the game, thats a mean move. In all the graphics are ok, The voice actors sound like the characters, But the fighting part of the game is a button masher. I give this game a 3/10.
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