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M1DY - (MDSTCD031)
« on: May 30, 2010, 12:59:18 am »
Ok so this review is not about a book, a movie, or a game... It's about a music album. >_>;; I mean it's still a review though. If this isn't allowed or is just wrong section please delete\move it. <3

SO!!! The new M1DY album is coming out today\tomorrow. Don't know who M1DY is? Didn't expect you to hah. M1DY is a japanese speedcore artist, speedcore being electronic music with a rather high beat per minute and to put it simply, epic tunes. I'm most likely going to be ordering the CD from Japan (shipping is going to suck...) but till then I'll just tell you about the album, from the leopards opinion. :3 Oh and before I say anything, if I say "not that great" or something similar, what I mean is, the entire album is freaking AMAZING, but in perspective of other songs its not that great. I don't mean that it's a terrible song.

Artist: M1DY
Album: Lector in the sky with diamorphine
01. C21H23NO5
02. Gasyadocro
03. Bait
04. Hornet
05. Cracking up
06. Wani (Hitokui)
07. Ride on goat
08. Stand by moshpit!!!!!
09. A tool of peace
10. Enter the squid

Listen to a preview of each track here

So this album, once again this is M1DY proving that he is still one of the TOP producers in the speedcore scene, absolutely glorious tracks on this album, lets talk about the tracks.

C21H23NO5: Holy shwow what an absolutely power packed track to open the album with, if that opener doesn't grab your attention to this album, I have no clue what would. Fun fact, the track's title is the chemical formula for heroin.

Gasyodocro: Another powerful, driving track on this album, amazing build up, amazing bass. Another one of the better tracks on this album.

Bait: You know, not much to be said for this one, still keeping that sick amount of energy found in every single one of M1DY's tracks, but just personally didn't blow my socks off as much as some of the other tracks on the album.

Hornet: Hands down a competitor for the BEST track on this album. I mean, holy cow, just listen to those kicks!

Cracking up: This track is so-so for me, on the album I mean, I personally liked it better than Bait, but not enough to say its up there with Hornet. Still an incredible track though don't get me wrong.

Wani (Hitokui): Great track, nicely broken up in my opinion. Hah, not much else to say.

Ride on goat: Has to have the oddest title of the entire album, but that's just cause it's so awesome? Lol.

Stand by moshpit!!!: Sick, sick sick sick track, most definitely up there with Hornet as a competitor for the albums greatest track. A competitor though, not the best.

A tool of peace: What a surprise as compared to the rest of the album, but quite beautifully crafted, building up to what I would have to say, is the climax of this album.

Enter the squid: 2 words... HOLY S***!! M1DY clearly saved the best for last when it came to his album, if you thought any of the earlier tracks where amazing, this one will quite literally blow your ears clean off. By far one of M1DY's greatest tracks. I had thought 'Roaring the Odd Hymn' and 'Squid vs. Pantyhose' where amazing but this track, this song right here, completely shattered that idea. Glorious track, I almost would argue that I'm possibly buying this album just for this song. I could go on but I'll leave it at that.

Overall: This album is a complete and utter masterpiece of magical, speedy goodness, only achievable by such an artist as M1DY. This is a complete buy, completely worth the horrid shipping costs from Japan to the US to get this on CD. Leopard gives one big massive approval of satisfaction.

Japanese speedcore - There just isn't anything else like it.