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Alan Wake
« on: May 30, 2010, 03:49:30 pm »
Is anyone else planning on getting this awesome game? I just bought it today, and let me tell you, it'll BLOW YOUR MIND!

Alan Wake is a very cinematic game. It combines the episodic style of "24" with the psychological horror of a Stephen King novel. Each episode starts off during the daytime, which is when you gather information from people, and solve puzzles.

Then, night comes, and sh*t hits the fan! You usually end up in a dark, misty forest, fighting for your life.
 It is a third person shooter, your main enemy being possessed humans (kinda like zombies). Also, birds will attack you. Even random objects come to life and fly at you.

Remedy (developer) has found the perfect balance of plot and gameplay. This game will scare you, leave you on edge, and make you chuckle at some points. Some people have complained that it's too short. It only has 6 episodes. But, it's very worth it, and they're releasing more episodes via Xbox Marketplace.

So, I give this game a 5/5.

See here for more info ^^
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Re: Alan Wake
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2010, 03:51:42 pm »
OMG I'm so glad someone decided to review this. I want this game so bad I hadn't heard anyone say whether it's good or bad.

This game is second down on my "Games To Buy" list, right after Red Dead Redemption xD Thanks for the review! Glad to hear it's actually good.
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