Author Topic: Out of Position & Waterways ~by~ Kyell Gold  (Read 812 times)

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Out of Position & Waterways ~by~ Kyell Gold
« on: June 23, 2010, 12:59:49 am »
This is a astounding book, i've read it through once, and i just started reading it again, 2 days later from finishing it, The book has a perfect plotline and great characteristic's about it.

Perfectly Summed up Characters, Progressive Drama and Problems/Tense

This book is so inspiring to me and others i've known that have read it. It tells the story of a young Junior in college who wants to play football nationally, he's one of the best on his college team, and one night, he meets a certain fox when he's out with the boys, picking up ladies, as said in the book... "Funny thing... It all started with a girl"

I was almost.. well, Pretty much crying by the end of it all, this book struck me deep in my heart at what really matters in a relationship, what actual struggles many face through-out their lives.

However, this book does feature many adult situations through-out, more than 4 times. But their all very tasteful.

Waterways was a great book, Very cute and nice; 301 pages or so of Story, afew pages for Artist and Publisher. Story of a Otter who comes to enjoy the company of a Attractive Black Fox, they become boyfriends, the otter is closeted but the fox is open about it, The otters mother is very religious, this serves as a major problem along the span of the book. But i  wont spoil anything

There are Adult scenes in the book. But there are not extremely explicit. They develop a cute word for "Yiffing" or Sex in the book, Called "Brushing", the way they use it in the book is adorable

They are both in Highschool. Dramatic Plotline~ but near the end of the book, it gets confusing and frusterating, as the otter makes a the oppisite choice most of the readers want him to make. At this point i was crying alil and punching my pillow cause in the book, it looked like it hurt the fox so much.

Waterways 9/10 ~ Out of Position 999/10
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