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Dead Space 2
« on: January 26, 2011, 12:04:31 am »
Ok, assuming you have played the first Dead Space, you are still playing as Isaac. You were apparently wandering the depths of space for 3 years before someone found your shuttle and rescued you. You suffer from sever dementia caused by coming in contact with the Marker, and have to get to someone who can help you before it takes you over and kills you. Now to stop myself from telling about the storyline before giving away any more than I already have.

Difficulty settings:

The difficulty settings on this Dead Space seem to be more user-friendly. There are now 5 difficulty settings (including the one you unlock), so there is not as big of a difficulty jump between playthroughs.


Plasma Cutter/Refurbished Plasma Cutter: Same as the first Dead Space, whose alternate fire changes the fire range 90 degrees. The refurbished plasma cutter is unlocked by beating the first Dead Space and having the saved cleared data on your hard drive. The Plasma Cutter has a special ability this time, if you use power nodes and get all the way to the SPCL node, the plasma shots now set the Nechromorphs on fire!

Line Gun: Same as last game, shoots a line of energy in a wide arc that goes through enemies, with the secondary fire being a mine.

Pulse Rifle: Same as last game, but this time the secondary is a grenade launcher.

Javelin Gun: A gun with the ability to shoot spears that may stick enemies to objects or even other enemies. The alternate fire allows the last javalin fired to send out arcs of electricity to decimate all in the area.

Flamethrower: Once again the same from the last game, however new technology allows the flamethrower to be allowed in the vacuum of space.

Seeker Rifle: Riot control device that is meant for accuracy at long range, takes a really long time to reload, secondary fire is the ability to scope in.

Detonator Mines: Sensor-tripping mining charges, can be placed on any surface. Alt-fire deactivates the mines to be picked up for later use.

Force Gun: In essence a Kinetic Shotgun, meant for close range. Alt-fire is a focused force beam able to tear off the limbs of almost anything.

Contact Beam: Same as last game, primary shoots a Lazar after charging, and the alt-fire is a radial ground blast.

Ripper: Last weapon of the game (unless pre-ordered) and is the same as the first Dead Space, primary causes a titanium saw blade to spin in front of the gun and dices anything that comes near it, while the secondary fire shoots the saw blade in a straight line from the gun.

Rivet Gun (pre-order activation code only): An amazing starting weapon that you get for free, shoots rivets at the enemies causing decent damage, but the real killer is the alt-fire which detonates all rivets shot and turning them into flying shrapnel, destroying anything near the fired rivets. Unfortunately that includes yourself.

Telekinesis: A very unlikely weapon, severely upgraded from the first Dead Space. Now you can use kinesis and shoot enemies severed limbs at the army of Nechromorphs. This helps save ammo for those desperate times. Any object can be thrown at an enemy for damage, however unless it has a sharp end to it, it does little more than make them stumble for a second.


Basically they are the same, however reload has changed from left trigger+A to just X. You also have the ability to reload without aiming first, which comes in handy. They also added a stasis recharge (Y) that uses stasis modules in your inventory instead of manually using them from the inventory. Other than that the controls have remained the same.


This game has stepped up quite a bit graphic wise from the first one. The first thing I noticed was the shadows actually matched their makers and were not severely pixelated. I have only played about 2 chapters of this game, but already it has been well worth the money. The creators seemed to have gone all out on this game, from new enemies, new weaponry, new story line, super creepy spots/sounds, and even psychological problems building in the main character, there is not much they could have made better. One of the things that seem to make this game much better than the first (at least on the scare factor) is that there are actually pitch-black spots were you have to use your flashlight. The game had me from the beginning 20 seconds, thats how awesome it is. They also did an amazing job having a different storyline that still plays into the old game, this way you do not feel as if you are just replaying the same game.

Final Saying:

Based on what I have played I would give this game a 9/10, however this may change as I finish the game, also as soon as I play online, I will give my review of the online gameplay separate from the offline.. As I progress in the game I will edit this post. Hope this helps anyone who wanted a review.

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Re: Dead Space 2
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2011, 10:37:04 pm »
Dead space 2 is pretty much just like Dead Space 1 but with more monsters and quick time events and a jet pack.

The game runs smooth and fine. I didn't see any frame drop or anything like that.

Running around the Sprawl is fun and has a few secrets.  Though, at times the hallways and rooms felt like they were copied and paste from Dead Space 1.  I did like the new environments like the school and the Church of Scientology Unitology and flying around in space.  Blood is every where in this game. At times I felt the game over used blood but that's just me. One part of the game I hate is the hacking the machine mini game. Its annoying but not challenging and slows the game down.

Most of the people who buy this game will buy it for the horror. This game is spooky and creepy but can hardly make me flinch. The monster still pop out of vents and acted dead. So an alert player will never be scared. Actually, Dead Space 1 is heck of a lot scary then Dead Space 2. There are lots of weapons and suits to buy and use.

I did run into a few bugs. Like broken off panels would magically stick to Issac.

Its a great game and a good buy for any gamer.