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I Am Number Four
« on: February 20, 2011, 05:15:12 pm »
 I saw this film with a few friends last night, and overall, I thought it was pretty good. Still, some aspects were better than others, and really need to be taken into separate consideration.

Plot: The concept of the film is that an alien people sent nine children to Earth when they were babies because another alien people- referred to as the "Mogs" or something like that- were trying to destroy them for whatever reason. Each Number was sent with a protector/warrior to guide them, and to watch the children as they grew up and discovered their powers. )Think "Superman" meets "9" or "The Gatekeepers" book trilogy.) The back story itself isn't focused on very much, and at some points feels almost superfluous; a lot of other, more simple angles could have gotten the job done. From there, it sets in with the typical teen drama- bullies in school, a love interest, an outcast best friend, ect. While there are a few good comical moments, there's still a formula very palpable. Still, while there's no real "didn't-see-that-coming" plot twist, there are some memorable moments toward the end with the action scenes and such.
Summary:While it's there in strength, the teen drama angle was rather enjoyable, and didn't detract from the movie like it normally does for me. Some tweaks could be made to make it less ridiculous, and the presence of a formula is blatantly obvious, but a solid standing nevertheless. Plot: 7/10 

Characters: To quote the love interest of the movie, "A place is only as good as the people you know in it." Just like the plot, the classic character models all fall into line: the rebellious but determined protagonist, the once-popular-but-now-grounded love interest, the outcast/comic relief best friend, the authoritarian protector, ect. But even with a few cookie-cutter models, some characters do have their moments of depth. Sam- the best friend/comic relief- has a few scenes involving firearms that are genuinely funny, for example. Though the best two characters in the film are prevalent later- the Mogs and Six. The Mogs are the villains, but are somewhat realistic and kept relatively grounded. The Mogs look at human ideas of aliens and poke fun at them, and some of the best jokes in the entire film come from them. Six is the film's token badass, but she's also shown as somewhat vulnerable, making her easier to root for. I'd have loved to see more of those two, but what time they had was enough.
Summary: There are a lot of cookie-cutter character concepts that fall into place nicely, though the best characters are rarely seen and really deserved more time on-screen. Characters: 8/10

Action:This movie's first priority is the action, and it delivers. While there isn't constant fighting, the scenes that involve it are immensely satisfying. The film opens with a really cool chase scene, and there are a few scraps and such throughout that keep you interested. Some of the camera work can make it tough to follow, as two small fight scenes take place in dimly lit areas and a "realistic" sense is taken where the view jostles around, but part of that adds to the suspense. The final fight scene is immensely entertaining, and is something to really look forward to throughout the film itself. Michael Bay did produce this film, so it's safe to assume you won't be bored stiff.
Summary: There's enough to keep you entertained, but not so much that you get sick of all of it. Both satisfying and inventive, the action scenes are the bast part of the movie. Action: 9/10

Verdict: I Am Number Four is a promising title. While not for everyone, a young action fan would feel right at home. It's neither a full-blown action flick or a cheesy teen drama, but instead a suitable mix between the two that flows at a comfortable rhythm. If you're looking for a really juicy plot you can really sink your teeth into, you might want to try something with a little more depth. But if you're going to the movies with a few friends and want something with a little of everything, give this a shot. I know my experience was enhanced heavily by having a friend on either side with whom I could exchange comments and jokes. The acting is well done and the visuals are fantastic, and the score fits in quite well with what's going on. While I take a few issues with the camerawork, you can still get the gist of what's happening and enjoy it all the same. While there's no real re-watch value, I'm definietly interested in a sequel. I Am Number Five, anyone?

Overall Rating: 8/10
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