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blacklight tango down
« on: July 07, 2010, 03:20:20 pm »
Blacklight Tango Down is a DLC shooter for Xbox 360, Ps3 and PC.

I broke the review into five parts.

Online play

This is not a very fast pace game. Since there is almost no health Regeneration you have to find a health station and heal up. Since there is little recoil, shooting is extremely easy. This game has a good amount of guns to use. The little mini games are confusing at first but  they become easy pretty fast. The A.I is good. They take cover and know when to shoot. The only problem with the A.I is they are sometimes to smart and can make it a pain to move and shoot.

For A 15 dollar DLC game this looks really good. The game does not have top notch graphics like mw2 but its still very good. The level are well made and detailed. This game has advertisement in it. You will see signs promoting Dr.pepper and Alienware. It kind of ruined the futuristic look for me.

Not much a of story to talk about. It has a four level and thats it. The voice acting is decent at best.

At first this game feels clunky and slow. After playing for a few minutes the game felt good but not great. The button layout is not bad but it would be nice if there was more options.  The game feels like Halo 3 but at times it had hints of mw2 in it. The Melee in this game just feels puny and crappy.

This is where the game shines its brightest. The game types are not very different from most FPS games. The customization is one of the best things about this game. You can change the parts of your weapon and put Tags on your guns. A Tag is a little charm on your gun that can give you a bonus.  I didn't find camping much of a problem. The HRV (Hyper Reality Vision) basically killed camping but cause another problem. It causes Stand offs between two or more people.  Killing people in this game is fast and easy. Just think of Mw2 without Perks, Noobtubes and very little camping and you should get a pretty good picture of how the online is.

I give this game a 4  out of 5. While moving is clunky at times, this game has a lot of fun stuff in it. It is worth every penny of your 15 bucks.
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Re: blacklight tango down
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2010, 12:30:00 am »
i was thinking of getting this game but im still not quite sure
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