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Resident evil (NES) review
« on: August 01, 2010, 06:30:03 pm »
I want to go through a few things first

1. I'm reviewing the NES version, not the PSX/Saturn/PC/Gamecube/Wii/DS/PSP versions.

2. YES! The NES version exists!

Anyways, review start:

If there was any game that revolutionized the survival horror genre, it has to be Biohazard (aka Resident Evil in the US, they're basically the same). It had scenes that would scare players and (badly voice acted) cutscenes. It went off to make movies, sequels and spin offs. Some where in the new millennium, a Chinese company named Waixing (known for other post 1995 NES games) made an NES version of Biohazard, and boy was it a journey.

But this isn't a history lesson here, lets look at the NES version

Graphics: 3/5

The graphics aren't really, you know, Biohazard. They really just look like photoshopped Mspainted Pokemon graphics. You're going to really be tired of looking at the same white tiles and 3 colors that they will probably be permanently etched in your mind.

One of the biggest problems is that the out door areas are designed in the exact same style the indoor areas are designed, only difference is that the out door areas have trees that look like potted trees in Pokemon.

Music: 2/5

The music is terrible, and that's saying something for some one who thinks Marry the Mole is catchy. Now wait while I get Marry the Mole out of my head by hitting my head with my copy of Flight Simulator X Gold edition.

Anyways, the music in this game is horrible. The intro music is very terrible and will probably be glued in your mind forever and what makes matters worse is that it stays for a little bit in the mansion entrance scene. Then there's the music that happens during the gameplay that NEVER change despite where in the mansion you are in. By the time you complete the game the song will be stuck in your head. The best song in this game is the battle music because to me, it's kind of catchy, the tune is really stuck in my head: da da, da da da, da da da da da da da, da da da da, da da da da da da da.

Then there's the ending music which sounds way too happy, it's like "Even though I've been scratched by zombies, bitten by dogs, pecked by crows, bitten by giant spiders and nearly killed by a mutant, I am very happy and not scared for life".

Gameplay: 3/5

The gameplay isn't bad, but it's kind of weird compared to the PSX version. Instead of the "Shoot or run" gameplay of the regular PSX version, the NES version is an RPG style of Resident Evil Gaidon on the Game boy. As for the rest, its kind of glitchy (and crashes) but what do you expect for a Waixing game, they usually do that.

Another note about the gameplay, if you hold down the B button a crosshare will appear, its very useless because this game is an RPG unlike the original. Was Waixing really going to make this a none RPG?

Overall: 3/10

Its a bad game, check it out if you want but the game's still bad. It's better then any of Mars's (which is another company related to Waixing, Mars made the NES Darkseed and NES version of Pokemon gold) creations.

Anyways, this review is done. see you soon.

And just to prove that what I'm reviewing actually exists... here's links to youtube videos showcasing it!
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Re: Resident evil (NES) review
« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2010, 02:13:03 am »
Wow that is amazing I never thought resident evil would be on the nes.
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