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Castlevania 4
« on: September 09, 2010, 05:47:15 pm »
The castlevania series has allways been one of my favorite videogame series and castlevania 4 has been my favorite out of all the games to this day, so today I thought I would review this old gem.

Castlevania 4, what can I say over than it's AMAZING!! considering this game was originally for the good old SNES it holds up really well even by today's standards.


well the story is.... Every one hundred years the powers of evil mysteriously grow stronger and Dracula rises from his grave to wreak terror across the transylvanian countryside, but one family would lay down their lives to see this tyrany stopped once and for all, they are the belmonts. Armed only with his trusty whip vampire killer, passed down through his family for generations, simon belmont heads off into the dark ruins of the castle.


Well when the designers  made the levels for this game they really didn't screw around! no two levels look the same and allways have some kind of new trap especially designed to fit the level, for example: in the graveyard, hands come out the ground and stop you from moving. even with the levels allways being unique, every single one allways has an eerie sort of atmosphere.


The music score in this game is just perfect, no song is out of place and the music really enhances the mood. One example is in the first level, the music really gears you up for the hour's of fun you will get in this game. Another is in the clocktower. you really get this impowering felling like there's no going back, youre gonna beat this game and wipe the floor with Dracula!!... heh got a bit carried away there. :fox-;):


The controls in this game are very good not as good as they could be but are still very good. in the game youre main weapon is the whip, this can be used in eight directions, and if you hold down the attack button and move the d-pad you can swing the whip around, this can be quite useful especially when blocking enemy projectiles.


10 out of 10


Virtual console(Wii) 800 wii points. SNES version varies.

This is my first ever review so go easy on me :fox-;):
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Re: Castlevania 4
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2010, 06:03:22 pm »
I've never played the game but you get a cookie for a pretty good review
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