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Legend of the Guardians 3D
« on: September 25, 2010, 08:45:33 am »
Okay, so I went to go see Legend of the Guardains in 3D with a friend last night... It was fun, I'll put my bits and pieces of ideas down here.
Total Rating: 9.5
Graphics/Details: 9
Plot: 8
Voices/Characters: 9.5
Okay, so for the people who haven't read any of the books I'll tell you what it's about;
It's about an owlet who loves his family much, but is a dreamer. His bigger brother pushes him down to the ground. The owlet gets kidnapped  and gets brought to a big evil mind-controling place.... That's what is in most of the first book, so I'll stop there.

So the movie goes with how it starts (a little), but adds some things, and remove some things from the books. I think a lot of fans were disappointed about how the movie didn't really go with the books. But no movie based on books actully have so far, and this one turned out pretty decent.
If you're going to see this in 3D, I'd suggest that you keep your glasses on the whole time, even when you're walking toward the exact theater you're going to. Everything on that screen was 3D. I didn't really like how little exciting 3D things there are in this movie, I mean I have to give it the high score because Soren (the main character) looked real the whole time, but it didn't looked like it was really popy, there were just few times you felt like they were looking at you or an object was going after you.

I think that they chose a good set of vocals for each character, Soren sounded exactly what I thought he would, when I first heard of the movie (Last Year).
It's a good movie all around, the hardest part to keep up on was the fight scenes, they're a little fast and very short. But besides that I enjoyed sitting there bringing back a few childhood memories, wondering if bits and pieces were in the books, and looking at beautiful scenary.
I wouldn't say it's a must see,
but I would reccomend it to anyone, fan or not.
BTW, this review is basicly like totally my opinion sadly, so I don't really know if you should follow it or not.
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Re: Legend of the Guardians 3D
« Reply #1 on: March 08, 2011, 07:15:25 pm »
I saw it at my uncles house and here is what I thought:

Actor Preformance/A

Being a fan of the series, The movie was a little disapointing. It strayed waaaay too far off from the books, and they changed a lot of the characters, ommiting some, and adding new ones all together. It was partially made up for spectacular graphichs and Zack Snyder's awsome directing and slo-mo sequences. The music was pretty cool, but other tracks, I was a little meh to it. It wasnt a bad movie, but not a great on either.

Just my 2cents

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Re: Legend of the Guardians 3D
« Reply #2 on: March 12, 2011, 08:19:17 am »
I was rather dissapointed with the movie, the graphics and detail were amazing but the plot...

It was good overall, I'm giving it an 8.5. I just felt a bit riped-off, since I've read the three first books of the series. I didn't like how they changed alot of things. I actually had a bit of high expectation but it was still enjoyable.
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Re: Legend of the Guardians 3D
« Reply #3 on: March 14, 2011, 02:15:50 pm »
I really liked the quality of the voice actors as well. Fairly Impressed with them.
I don't have rating scale nor have I read the books, but..
This kept me very entertained, I got humor out of it, and my small nephew was captivated with the picture it seemed.

The soundtrack was great, I'm not sure if it was Hirshfelder's arrangements that gave me such shivers, or the Hype for the song Owl City did.
But i was very enthralled and am thinking to buy it for my mom cause she enjoys watching birds.