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Abusive Spam Post and PM Send Rate - Definitions and Policies


Meadow Whisper (Natasha):
While we've had a clear definition of PM abuse and Spam board abuse for awhile, that information isn't very clearly defined on the boards.  So, here they are.

Spam Board Abuse
Spam board abuse is defined as letting your posts in the Spam board exceed your posts in every other board combined by a factor of 2x.  For example, if you have 1800 posts, and more than 1200 of them are in Spam, that's considered abusive.

We have a script to check this, which is looked at approximately once a month.  Violating this policy will not result in disciplinary action outside the Spam board, it will simply result in your account being denied posting access to the Spam board until your spam-to-not-spam ratio falls within the guidelines.  And if you only violate it by a small margin, you'll be warned first.

PM Abuse
PM abuse is defined as sending more than 60 messages in 30 days.

We have a script to check this as well, which does not reveal any information about the content of your PMs to staff members, or who you sent them to, it simply calculates the number of PMs you've sent in the last 30 days.  It's checked frequently, at a minimum of once a week.

Violating this policy will not result in disciplinary action outside the PM system, it will simply result in a warning being issued, followed by being blocked from sending PMs for 30 days if the violations continue.  However, continual violations of this policy over a short period of time could result in further action being taken in the future.


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