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Resonance of Fate
« on: December 19, 2010, 11:56:29 pm »
This review contains minor spoilers, but it doesn't really matter - you are only able to piece together the plot near the end of the game anyway.

Resonance is a little-known RPG produced by Sega.  It had zero publicity because it came out around the same time FFXIII did.  However, I wish I picked this one up instead of FFXIII. In fact, I may trade in FFXIII just so I can buy a SECOND copy of Resonance.

This game takes place in the reaches of Basel, a man-made tower controlled by the robot-god Zenith, a machine that shatters people's life sources, called quartz, and completely controls their lives.  Three bounty hunters - Zephyr, Leanne and Vashyron - are destined to stop the main religious folk in Basel, the Cardinals, from controlling Zenith and bestowing ultimate power upon themselves.

The gameplay is so fun, it literally never gets boring.  The battles are strategic battles based on positioning, and focus around extreme, over-the-top gunslinging.  When your adrenaline isn't pumping during these climatic battles, the world map in itself is sort of an engaging minigame, where you have to place hexes to uncover treasure and new locales.

I love everything about the game, from the mechanics to the steampunk charm to the deep storyline and characters.  This is a MUST-GET for every RPG fan out there.  Don't let the high learning curve discourage you!

-Original, engaging gameplay
-Extreme depth
-Never loses its charm

-Steep learning curve