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Supreme Commander 2
« on: December 25, 2010, 09:42:14 pm »
I shall say it is a decent RTS, however, if you are used to playing the first Supreme Commander game or Forged Alliance you are going to have to get used to SC2. The Seraphim race is gone now, and many of the units have changed. Experimental units are not as overpowered as before, so you can't wipe out the enemy by building an experimental. The war resources are gathered is now like most other RTS games, you collect them and hoard them rather than keeping an economy running. There is no more Tech1, Tech2, Tech3 and so on. You now research things in the categories Land, Air, Structures, and ACU. Units don't have special traits like voltile or massive and such anymore. The game seems more cartoonish now, I think... Its your opinion on that matter. All and all, it is much more balanced than the first two games. The maps are much smaller now from what I have played.

Pros: Easier to manage-more balanced-resources are more simple-new research tree is much more balanced than the old tech thing
Cons: Graphics seem to be a bit lower-cannot have multiple engineers repair or build things, you can still set multiple engineers to assist factories though
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