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Vanquish - Rocket boosters in your knees
« on: January 22, 2011, 08:39:45 am »
Seeing the reviews board, I've decided to give you a review of one of curent favourite Xbox 360 (and PS3) games, Vanquish.

The premise is simple, future russian terrorists use a space laser to destroy San Francisco (iirc), and you, a member of DARPA with a fancy suit have to go and stop the nasty reds with the help of your usual gung-ho marines.

Like a lot of games these days it's hard to be original, and me and my friend even jokingly named this game 'Lost Metal Gears of Halo Planet 2', as we could see inspirations from many popular franchises. Despite this, or rather because of it, it's a very entertaining game and easy to play game. The controls feel familar after just a few minutes of playing, and soon you're jumping and sliding around with ease, massacreing the hordes of bloodthirsty robots.

This is where the game's 'new' mechanics come into play. You can rocket around at high speeds on jet treads, opening up new avenues of attack as you skate past enemies and shoot them in the back, or run circles around the game's rather gigantic bosses. To aid this a reaction time ability comes into play whenever you attack while sliding or dodging, slowing down time to allow you to unleash barrages of bullet fire upon the robotic enemies. Case in point: Leaping over a barrier towards a machine gun turret, activating slow motion and using a sniper rifle to headshot the turret operator. All in mid air. Best moment of the game imo.

The weapons are quite varied, with your staple automatics, shotgun rocket lancher (with very useful weak-point lock-on) and sniper, and some welcome futuristic additions such as a multi-targeting arcing laser, and plasma ball that passes through barricades to a satifying explosion. Though the 'disc launcher' made me feel like I was playing ratchet and clank.

Death can be annoying as it uses 'restart from checkpoint', but seeing as whenever you're low on health the slow-mo kicks in (unless your pack is overheated), when you die you can only really blame yourself, as you had ample opportuinty to save yourself. The enegry pack is one of the games bigger detriments, as I feel it overheats far too easily, and takes a while to recharge (not fun when you're in a heated battle). The level design is intuitive and I've yet to see familiar designs crop up repeadtedly, and they're nicely linear but with enough room for your sliding antics to take place.

Although it might get a little repetitive after a while, for the most part it's a fun and engaging game, with plenty of challenge (it doesn't let you rest for too long!) and enough well-rounded gimmicks to keep you entertained for a long while.

I give it 8/10, as it doesn't bring anything incredibly new to the gaming table.
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Re: Vanquish - Rocket boosters in your knees
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2011, 04:24:52 pm »
Played the demo it was beyond good